Senior Citizens Being Hit by Fraud Phone Callers.

Over the last few months there has been an increase of fraudulent phone calls. Most of these calls care target Senior Citizens. 

These calls fall into a few categories. 

The crooks call and say I am from (Microsoft, Apple, Antivirus Company) your computer is infected. They would like to take over your computer, show you the problem, and for a charge, they will fix it.  They can then infect your computer and get your bank information. THESE COMPANIES WILL NOT CALL YOU! Do not let them on your computer! If you know someone that fell for this, have them go to their bank have your banker work with you to keep their accounts safe. Do the same with your credit cards. Take your computer to a reputable computer technician and have them verify that your computer is safe. They will do an antivirus check and an intrusion detection test. 

The second type to fraud we have been seeing are people getting calls say (your daughter, son niece, etc.) is earther in jail or kidnaped. They want you give them your bank information or wire money to their account. Do not listen to this person.  If you know someone who has fallen for this, have them visit their bank and check their accounts.

There are a lot of dishonest people out there.  Do not fall for any of these scams.\

Dan Brown, Branch Manager-Mid-Central Federal Savings Bank

Marcus Berscheid, Branch Manager-Central Minnesota Credit Union

Denis Irsfeld, Executive Financial Officer-American Heritage  Bank

Shelley Barthel, Vice President-Minnesota National Bank

A John Peters

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